Whether the Duchess of York is still a royal or not doesn’t seem to trouble Americans – they’re still dazzled by her charm.

At a charity fashion show in New York Tuesday, Sarah Ferguson teamed up with designer Pamela Dennis to raise funds for her charity, Chances for Children.

The Duchess – known as Fergie – also promoted her new newspaper column that appears in over two thousand papers around the world next month.

Britain’s Duchess of York was the main attraction at a charity fashion show and benefit Tuesday night in New York.

Sarah Ferguson – also known as Fergie – used her star power to raise money from Americans for the charity she founded, Chances for Children.

Fergie teamed up with American designer Pamela Dennis, whose spring fashions were later modelled on the runway.

Guests donated a modest one-hundred-and-seventy-five (US) dollars to be part of the show and to see royalty up close.

That was just the beginning – after the Duchess promised to sign a painting up for auction, one American was willing to buy it for as much as fourteen hundred (US) dollars.

The proceeds from the auction and the entrance fees will go to help children in need throughout the United States.

Chances for Children was founded by the Duchess in 1994 to provide medical assistance to children handpicked by Ferguson herself.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
” I wanted to give back to the American people because
I have always asked all these mothers to go and buy children books, and I thought it was only fair to give back… because of the law of karma. And the way I can do that is by having a very small charity, even it is helping a Cerebral Palsy child to have riding lessons.”
SUPERCAPTION: Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Beautiful models dressed in Pamela Dennis dresses sauntered down the runway, holding the audience captive.

The evening was not only about charity however.

Ferguson also confirmed news reports that beginning next month she will start writing a column for the New York Times syndicate, a collection of two thousand newspapers around the world.

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“I am fascinated in Albania and how we can help there,
and how we can help the children in the orphanages. So I’m going to
write about a lot of my travels for children, plus I am going to
write about parenting and what it means to be a single mother…
and what it is to have to be commercial, when perhaps I would
rather not be commercial. I would rather sit at home or do my
charity work or paint… I am going to talk a lot about that.”
SUPERCAPTION: Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

It is said that Jeff Coplon, who co-authored her autobiography, will assist her with writing the column.

Most of Dennis’ models sported form fitting evening gowns. But the Duchess was dressed in one of Dennis’ more functional outfits which the designer says reflects Fergie’s personality.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“She is down to earth and I, as you can tell, I’m very down
to earth, and I really am a customer oriented person, so it is
very important that the people that I work with are just like me,
very similar, very easy to work with and doers. She is a
SUPERCAPTION: Pamela Dennis, Designer

Pamela Dennis expects to team up with Fergie for more
charity fashion shows.

Meanwhile, Americans hungry for more of the Duchess can look for her column which is expected to debut April 15.

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