Pence vs. Harris: Who won the vice-presidential debate? | RECAP


U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris faced off in their first and only VP debate on Wednesday night, trading barbs through plexiglass shields on stage. COVID-19 dominated the conversation that was noticeably more cordial than what was seen at the presidential debates.

Pence and Harris repeatedly dodged and sidestepped queries from debate moderator Susan Page, answering questions however they wanted, from racial inequality to “court-packing.” So who won?

While there were sharp moments, some modest interruptions and violations of the debate clock, the dynamics represented a rare 2020 return to some semblance of normal presidential politics.

Oh, and when the internet exploded over the two minutes when a fly rested on Pence’s well-combed white hair. Pence did not flinch.

Jennifer Johnson has more on the highs and lows from Wednesday night.

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