[Channel 4 News] Green technology bucks USA economic trends


By Sarah Smith:

US presidential hopefuls are pledging cash for a clean energy boom and hope to change the nation’s economy and the global environment.

Channel 4 News is in Roscoe, Texas where a new clean energy boom is providing hard up farmers with a real windfall.

He’s not predicting a recession yet but America’s most powerful economist, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, admits the country’s GDP won’t grow at all during the first half of the year.

And the one area of the US economy showing huge potential is environmentally friendly technologies.

With the price of oil soaring ever higher, Americans are finally looking into alternative fuels.

So ironically, bad times for the US economy could be good for tackling global warming.

But issues like global warming don’t drive the political debate here.

Candidates talk more about green jobs than global warming.

The US is a commercial country – if politicians talk dollars and cents, then voters will embrace renewable technology.



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