The Easiest Apple Crumble (Just 6 Ingredients!)


At my house, college football takes claim on most fall Saturdays. My husband is a devoted Longhorns fan and can’t bear to miss a game. Take two weeks ago, for example: he actually created a shared calendar appointment that said “UT vs. OU game – not booking other plans.” My answer? Let’s throw a football “watching” party!

It was the first perfect fall day here in Austin, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to gather my besties and their kids for cornbread and chili with all the toppings. I had a friend bringing a cheese plate and another friend bringing hot cider. But, in my book, a party is only as good as the dessert that’s served.

I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on some elaborate dessert for twenty people. And it needed to be a dessert that tastes like fall in your mouth. So I made this super simple gooey, warm apple crumble.

There are two things that make an apple crumble really good. A lot of cinnamon and a good apple to crumble ratio. The last thing you want is to get to the last few bites only to realize that you’re left with only apples and no crumble. That being said, the apples should always outweigh the crumble. But, the crumble should fully cover the apples and add about a half inch of height over the apples. Don’t skimp! When in doubt: add more crumble.

I like that this recipe only has 6 ingredients. It drives me crazy when I see a recipe for apple crumble and it has 10+ ingredients. Not necessary!

When cooking, the juicy apples mingle with the cinnamon and sugar creating warm cinnamony-apple flavor. Same with the crumble. The butter holds it together and provides some flavor, but ultimately the cinnamon and sugar do all the work.

This crumble produces a good amount of liquid after cooking. If you let it sit for a little while, some of those juices will solidify, but, ultimately, it’s not necessary. If eating it immediately is number one priority, scoop the crumble on your plate, add some ice cream, and then drizzle the juice in the bottom of the pan on top of the ice cream. YUM!

Whether you’re cooking for a big crowd, looking for an easy dessert to bring to your Thanksgiving potluck, or just really craving an apple dessert – this one’s a hit. Scroll on for the recipe and happy apple eating!

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