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Miss Global USA 2020 Runner Up, Kiana Harris is from a family of pageant winners. Her mother Jade Harris won pageants in her time.

Many have asked her: How does one win beauty pageants? What kind of preparation is needed to win beauty pageants? Here she reveals all in this interview.

People also ask her about What really happens in beauty pageants. And how do people change their gowns in beauty pageants?

Kiana Harris also talks about mental health. How to stay away from depression? How to handle stressful moments? How do winners handle stress and stay calm?

She also speaks about being colored and #blacklivesmatter. How the incidents happened which led to her winning.

The winner of the Miss Global USA 202 was Maurah Ruiz, and the event was organised by Suzi Hosfeld.

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Where beauty brands once had to be in the glossy pages of a magazine to be considered successful and get noticed, brands are now more eager to create buzz on social media in order to increase their image and brand awareness before anything else. Oftentimes, features in publications and other print media will stem from a good social media strategy.
Creating a Brand Voice and Story

Regardless of where your media coverage is coming from, all of your promotional efforts should fall under the same brand voice and story. As it is for every brand, even outside of the beauty industry, continuity and evidence of thoughtfulness are what will truly legitimize your efforts.

Brands may find it helpful to write down exactly what their mission is, what tone they want to adopt, and a create a definitive mission statement. What makes your product more worthy than the thousands of other beauty products that have the same function? Create a story that will make editors want to cover your product over another. If necessary, create your own new category of beauty, focused on a unique aspect of your product.

Make use of Advocacy

As a beauty brand, you can’t miss out on advocacy if you want to differentiate your brand to stand out in the extremely over-saturated market.

Advocacy comes in all different forms, especially in the beauty industry. Advocates don’t necessarily have to be an ‘influencer’ that you would find on Instagram, although those aren’t a bad choice. Send your products to industry insiders, like MUAs, who will include your product in their kit and use it on their clients.

You may also find it beneficial to partner with someone to be your advocate, such as a MUA or hair stylist. Some artists will sign partnerships with beauty brands and agree to exclusively use their products on clients. This is a good way to get the word out, ensure user-generated content, and have more control over your coverage.

Many brands already make use of this fun and effective strategy. Makeup artist Kaylee McAdams frequently partners with many makeup brands around award season. She executes a full face makeup look using only the products from her sponsored brand and then shares some of the behind the scenes process to her 52K followers. Her sponsorship with Chanel created a buzzworthy pink glow on actress Sadie Sink for the 2018 Golden Globes.

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2. Miss Global USA 2020
3. Miss World America Pageant
4. Miss South Africa Pageant
5. Binibinig Pilipinas
6. United States of America Pageants
7. National American Miss
8. USA National Miss
9. Miss Earth USA
10. Miss & Mr. Diamond Australia

Top Global Beauty Pageants
1. Miss Grand International
2. Eco International
3. Galaxy International
4. Miss Global
5. Ms. World International
6. Mrs. Universal
7. Mrs. World
8. International Junior Miss
9. Miss Interrnational Beauty Pageant
10. Miss World



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