Trump may just keep campaigning after Election Day


“Don’t miscount the fact that Trump will continue to do rallies while they’re still counting votes,” said one adviser to the Trump campaign.

Some surrogates have already been told to keep their schedules flexible for potential travel after the election.

“There’s been discussions about travel opportunities for Trump and his family if we don’t have a result on election day, but nothing definitive on where he would go or how many people we would deploy,” said one campaign aide. “If we still don’t have results in Michigan and North Carolina or Pennsylvania and Nevada on Nov. 4, he might hit those states individually.”

In 2016, the campaign launched a “thank you tour” in December, visiting states that helped deliver Trump his unexpected win, including Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and even Alabama. The tour allowed Trump to revel in the adulation of his supporters, hear a few more chants of “lock her up,” and take a final victory lap with MAGA favorites like Stephen Miller, Diamond and Silk, Hope Hicks and Kellyanne Conway.

On Friday, the Trump campaign announced it would hold 14 rallies in the final three days of the election in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin. The campaign has not yet announced Trump’s plans for Election Day.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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